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Therapy & Assessment for Speech, Language, and Swallowing Deficits

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Speech, language, and swallowing issues can be frustrating, but therapy and intervention don’t have to be. At Advance Communication and Swallowing, we take an honest and compassionate approach to treatment. Our therapists are well versed in specialized methods that are based on evidence.

We listen closely to the needs of each patient. By taking our time, we are able to build relationships that lead to enjoyable treatment and successful outcomes.

Our Mission

Advancing each unique individual’s abilities to communicate and swallow effectively by providing evidence-based and advanced treatment methods along with high-quality services in order to enhance an individual’s overall quality of life.

Our Vision

The impact of having or being affected by a communication and/or swallowing deficit can be overwhelming and frustrating. Fortunately, the treatment process does not have to follow suit. Our goal is to provide support and advancement of effective communication and swallowing functions to improve our patient’s lives.

Our Core Values


We believe in the importance of evaluating and treating communication and swallowing deficits as an integral part of the whole human body. It is important to consider that activity and participation as well as environmental and personal factors may influence these aforementioned issues.


Our therapists collaborate with other school and/or health care professionals to make decisions that benefit our individual clients and the outcome of their treatments.


By considering the unique needs, values, and individual preferences of each client, we establish treatment goals while ensuring our services are culturally, linguistically, and medically appropriate.


Our organization is committed to providing education, guidance, and support to our patients, their families, and their caregivers. We seek to foster acceptance, adaptation, emotional reactions, and behaviors that come from living with a communication and/or swallowing disorder in a safe and welcoming environment.


We utilize the highest quality of evidence-based research methods combined with unique, specialized training and practitioner expertise to establish appropriate treatment goals that achieve client progress. In addition, you can depend on us to ensure that our practices are ethical and honest.


Our organization advocates for the continuous progress and improvement of each client’s communication and/or swallowing function. We believe in flexibility and change when traditional treatment methods are unsuccessful. In line with this, we incorporate creative, new, and unconventional ideas into our treatment plans and clinical recommendations.


We strive to achieve client advancement toward better communication and swallowing function to increase independence and eliminate frustration. This is done through the continuous progression of our own practice, education, technologies, and specialized skill sets.

Contact Us

Advance Communication and Swallowing primarily serves clients in the state of California. Please contact us for additional information.

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